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Super Retweets

Super Retweets

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This promotion includes

  • Retweets to 4,100,000+ followers
    Once you purchase, you will be able to get your Tweets retweeted onto 10+ of our largest accounts.

After purchase, we will email you with further instructions. 

Have questions? You can chat with us now on Twitter by clicking here, or by tapping the chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of this page.

For this option, you can choose which Tweets you want us to retweet. Simply send us a message each time you want us to retweet a specific Tweet from your profile. You can also choose which time you want them retweeted, if you want.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, send us a message on Twitter with your order number. Your order number will only be generated after you place your order.


Q: How does Super Retweets work?

A: Super Retweets is a service that helps increase the reach of your tweets by sharing them across multiple networks. It gives you access to two popular accounts with 280k followers, as well as sharing your retweets across our flagship/premium network of 1.2m+ followers and our partner network of 5m+ followers.

Q: What is the total reach of Super Retweets?

A: Our network can potentially reach up to 4.1m+ followers on 10+ unique pages.* However, not every single tweet you send is retweeted onto every single page on our network.
*Actual potential reach is closer to 6.5-7 million+ followers, over 20+ pages, however we advertise 4.1 million on 10+ pages as we cannot guarantee that higher number on some of the cheaper options we offer. 

Q: How are my retweets split across the network?

A: In order to maximize your viewership and ensure our pages stay relatively clutter-free and spam-free, we split your retweets across our 10+ accounts in the following ways: 1) each tweet gets retweeted onto at least 3-5 flagship/premium accounts with a combined total of 1.3+ million followers, and 2) tweets you send us or popular tweets from your page will be retweeted randomly onto pages in our partner network totaling 5+ million followers.

Q: How much more reach can I expect with Super Retweets compared to standard retweets?

A: Depending on the size of your promotion, you can expect to reach 5x-25x more people than with our standard retweets.

Q: How long does it take for my Super Retweets to be completed?

A: Please allow between 12-48 hours for each Super Retweet to be completed.

Q: When can I expect to see the full results from my promotion?

A: We recommend allowing up to 1-4 weeks to see the full results from your promotion, as it can take time for the retweets to gain traction and be seen by your target audience.


So, how does it work?

Our method is simple. We’ve tried hard to make this process as streamlined, affordable, and as fast as possible for everyone in the gay community to be able to get their content in front of a huge audience with ease.

We have a quick 3 step process for all promotions on our page/s

  1. Purchase the promotion bundle you want. To purchase, simply find the option you like the most, click 'Add to cart' or 'Buy now', and then follow the steps.

  2. Send us a message on Twitter with your order number. This will appear after you place the order.

  3. Depending on which promotion package you choose, we will discuss further with you on Twitter and get you to send us any information or content that is required to complete your shoutout.

We get results

We operate several large pages, which combined have a total of 4,100,000+ followers.

However, as many of you know - followers aren’t necessarily the most important part of getting a good return on any online promotion. What matters most are engagement rates, likes, retweets, links clicks, and getting new followers and subscribers.

That’s why we’ve already taken the time to use Twitter’s Analytics tool - which measures how many times a Tweet is viewed, liked, retweeted, or when a link on that Tweet is clicked - to give new partners an idea of what our statistics are before purchasing. You can view our engagement statistics here.

3,000+ happy partners. And counting.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve helped promote over 3,000+ partners, with just about any advertisement you can imagine. We’ve worked with large film studios and stars, producers, online stores, OnlyFans creators, HIV awareness campaigns, livecam performers and more. Many of our partners have gone on to have massive success in the industry, and even won multiple awards. As the biggest and most experienced team in the business, we know how to deliver results for any campaign.

By purchasing a promotion, you are agreeing to our Promotion Terms.
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We help other gay people to find your website, e-commerce store, blog or social media pages. We work tirelessly to bring you visitors that lead to conversions and results. With over 8 years of experience in the gay advertising industry, Gays+ leads the way in bringing you quality gay traffic at affordable prices.

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    We send our custromers quality gay traffic and followers every day of the month, from countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

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  • Erik Gyepes

    Gays+ traffic is some of the highest quality traffic available. Testing new offers and creatives is a breeze. User Freshness from 0-1 hour is f—ing amazing! 

  • Jacob Blane

    I have had tremendous success using Gays+ to grow my OnlyFans and JustForFans pages. They have been nothing but professional the whole way through, keeping me coming back with their awesome results. Keep it up!

  • Sebastain Green

    The quality is really good so it´s definitely worth it. High payout offers often convert better on Gays+ traffic than on other sources. What I really like is that they are constantly improving their platform.

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