Our method is simple.

We’ve tried hard to make our promotion process as streamlined, affordable, and  fast as possible - so that everyone and anyone can get access to a huge, targeted audience with ease.

We have a quick 3 step process for all promotions on our page/s, which you can find below.

  1. Purchase the promotion bundle that most interests you from here.

  2. Send us a message on Twitter with your order number. Our username on Twitter is @gays_plus. Note: your order number will appear after you place the order.

  3. Depending on which promotion package you choose, we will discuss further with you on Twitter and get you to send us any information or content that is required to complete your shoutout.

That’s it! We will check with you at every point of the creation process to make sure you are happy with what will be posted.

The biggest gay Twitter network

Making an informed decision about who to advertise with and what to expect is crucial, so we have provided some information for you below. Here are the Twitter Analytics metrics for our largest account @gays_plus, with over 120,000 followers.

Last updated: February 2, 2021. The image above only shows Twitter Analytics data from one account, @gaysplus. For general Twitter Analytics metrics on the other 3 accounts, please contact our team.

Last updated: January 12, 2021. The image above only shows Twitter Analytics data from one account, @gaysplus. For Twitter Analytics metrics on the other 3 accounts, please contact our team.

While all of this information might be slightly overwhelming, we work hard to make this process as simple as possible for you. Our specialised and full-time team will make sure your promotion reaches as many people as possible and gets the maximum return on investment.

Whether you’re wanting to focus on getting new followers, views, or subscribers - our team can help you and ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

3,781 happy partners. And counting.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve shouted out over 3,781 people, with just about any advertisement you can imagine. We’ve worked with large film studios and pornstars, producers, online stores, OnlyFans creators, HIV awareness campaigns, livecam performers and more. Many of our partners have gone on to have massive success in the industry, and even won multiple awards. As the biggest and most experienced team in the business, we know how to deliver results for any campaign.


  • The Gays+ brand empowers gay men around the world.

    Empowering gay men

    Being gay is something you should be proud of. We proudly package and ship our wide range of apparel and accessories every single day.

  • We give back to the community however we can.

    Giving back to the community

    We donate a portion of every purchase to LGBTQ+ causes around the world.

  • One decade of trust from our customers. Gays+ was founded in 2012.

    One decade of trust from our customers

    Founded in 2014, the Gays+ brand has touched hundreds of millions of people, and hundreds of thousands of people have ordered our products and services.

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Two men holdings hands on top of a gay pride flag

Gays+ exists to push the gay community forward.

From our apparel and accessories lines to our IBO program, advertising services and adult lines, Gays+ has unmatched knowledge and experience as a leader in the gay community.

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Throughout the years, we have served tens of thousands of customers with LGBTQ+ products and services. This year, we will be expanding the Gays+ brand to include hundreds of new and exciting products. Learn more.

Gays+ is world's biggest and best way to shop for gay-related products delivered right to your door, with our top 10 markets being United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, France, Norway and Germany.

  • Gay Kink Products & Accessories

    Gays+ sells over a hundred brilliant adult products and sex toys just for gay men.

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  • Gay website and social media advertising and promotion services

    Gays+ Advertising Services

    Our advertising division can get your product, content or service in front of up to 5 million gay men worldwide.

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  • Gay apparel, products and accessories

    Gay Apparel, Products & Accessories

    We provide men with the biggest and best range of clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories & more.

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