Promotion Terms

When purchasing a Twitter promotion through our store or through PayPal, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service presented below. In general, these Terms provide information about when a promotion (or part of a promotion) can be removed or denied access by Gays+, as well as what constitutes being blacklisted from using Gays+ Promotion services in the future.

Most of these rules are common sense, and are to some degree an extension of the Twitter Rules and Terms of Service. While Gays+ Promotion is a paid service, there are some exclusions to what can and can't be promoted on our networks. If you're concerned, don't hesitate to message us directly here or via Twitter, as we are always happy to clarify and work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Your promotion can be removed from any or all of our accounts if…

  • The payment is reversed, put in to pending, or otherwise made not available to us after the original purchase. For example, if you cancel a payment or reverse a payment with your credit card.
  • Your Twitter account or subscription accounts are found to be fraudulent.*
  • Your Twitter account or subscription accounts contain a large majority of content that attempts to directly monetize images, videos, or other content that belongs to somebody else.
  • Your Twitter account or Tweets violate the Twitter Rules.
  • You engage in abusive behavior that is deemed by us to be inappropriate.

* In the past, we have had circumstances where we were forced to remove posts, or completely terminate promotions that were fraudulent or misleading. By fraudulent, we mean that the Twitter account or subscription service contains content that misleads customers, uses photos or videos of someone else (catfishing), or otherwise rips off unsuspecting customers. This type of behavior is not allowed under any circumstance, and you may be blacklisted from using our services in the future. More information about our blacklisting terms can be found here. Depending on how long the promotion has been running, you may not be able to get a refund in this circumstance.

After purchase, a post or retweet can be denied by us if…

  • It contains ‘extreme’ or ‘somewhat extreme’ content.*
  • It contains any content that is in violation to the Twitter Rules.
  • It contains copyrighted videos, photos, music, graphics, logos, etc.
  • It directly mentions, is posted by, or is sourced to a page that provides the same services as us (a competitor).**
  • The post, or part of the post, contains content that may not be suitable for our page. For example; non-gay, non-porn or otherwise unrelated content.
  • It contains obvious drug use or other illegal activities.
  • You are using your promotion to subsidise, or give for free, part or all of your promotion to an account that has not paid.
  • The content in the post, or part of the post, poses a brand risk to us or our advertising partners.

* This is the one we like enforcing the least. But generally speaking, any media that contains violence, or any media that contains content like fisting, pissing, scat, etc. is not allowed. This can also include content that is deemed to be 'sensitive' to the majority of viewers.

** This does not include pages with less than 100,000 followers, and excludes all pages that can also be classified as creators (e.g. the page is an adult performer and creates their own content, while also providing shoutout services). So, generally speaking, this rule only applies to 'aggregator' pages with 100K+ that provide near-identical services to ours.

You may be blacklisted from using our services in the future if...

  • Enough people respond to your post, or retweet, claiming that you are a scammer - or that have ripped them off in the past.*
  • You engage in false or misleading behaviour that negatively influences our brand image, our reputation, or our customers. 
  • You are abusive to any of our customer service representatives.
  • You abuse the service in a way that it is not meant to be used.
  • You provide links to services that are misleading, or that put our customers at risk.
  • You are found to have a criminal record that includes physical violence or sexual abuse towards others, use racist slurs or otherwise promote or endorse ideologies that are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

* We understand that sometimes these kinds of comments can happen even to legitimate content creators. So, rest assured that we will not notify you or begin monitoring the situation until 3 or more people reach out to us with a message or Tweet like this. After that point, we will communicate with you and try to get some answers. If you cannot provide answers, you will be blacklisted from using our services in the future, and any different accounts you use or create to circumvent this blacklist will also be added to the blacklist. We never want any of our customers to feel ripped off, misled, or scammed by a promoted post or retweet on our page/s. After being blacklisted, you will not be eligible for a refund, and any promotions you have running on our networks will be terminated.


You may request a full refund if you change your mind before your service is completed. However, refunds are not possible if you have broken a rule within these Promotion Terms. After your requested service has been completed, a refund is unfortunately no longer possible. However, if your service has only been partially fulfilled, we will happily provide a partial refund proportionate to the amount of services you have remaining. 

While we do not like having to enforce these rules, at times it is important for the overall health of our page, the satisfaction of our customers, the results of our advertising partners and the functioning of our business model. In many circumstances, enforcing these rules ensures that we can continue to provide this service to as many advertising partners as possible while also providing consistent results.

Our mission statement at Gays+ Promotion is 'Making a little, so that you can make a lot' - without strict and enforced policies about what content is publicly viewable on our page, we risk losing advertising partners, followers, customers, or even getting our social media account/s suspended.

Thank you for your continued support of Gays+, and don't hesitate to contact us here or via Twitter if you have any questions or want clarification on any of the terms listed above.

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