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With a wide range of products in every niche, we aim to supply every item that a gay male would need to be safe, feel sexy and (of course) improve their sex life! We scour the Internet for the absolute best deals and buy in bulk to save our customers a ton of money. We deliver industry leading products at extremely competitive prices. 

Our history

In 2012, Gays+ started off as a Tumblr blog in the deep corners of the web. Amassing 100,000 followers over the span of months, the team built a small online family that is now the backbone of our company all these years later. It was not long after that the account was deleted by Tumblr, which in frustration prompted us to create our now-popular Twitter account. 

After years of rebrandings and redesigns, we finally settled on the name Gays+ in 2017. The next year in 2018, when we hit 200,000 followers on Twitter, we officially opened our advertising division. Focusing on influencer sponsorship and promotions, we set out to create the ultimate way for creators, influencers, brands and studios to advertise their content and/or products to a large audience of gay men. With newfound success, we set out to show our advertising partners just how confident we were in our online audience - we started an online store selling a variety of gay products, ranging from dildos and vibrators to pride flags, apparel and watches. With immediate success, it became clear that Gays+ was turning into a long-term and sustainable business.

In April 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic began gripping the world, Gays+ temporarily ceased selling new products until our international shipping partners were no longer over-capacity. As a business with years of trust and loyalty built up through both our physical and digital product sales, we simply couldn't let shipping delays get in the way of our customers happiness - nor our reputation. During this time, we switched completely over to our advertising division, handling thousands of promotion customers, both new and existing. After almost one and a half years of operating as an advertising company, Gays+ was again ready to begin selling gay products again on our store.

Fast forward to November 15, 2021, Gays+ reopened with our previous 150+ product catalog slimmed down to just 18 products. To ensure we could ship to customers efficiently, we wanted to start small and get feedback from our valued customers about their shipping experience. 

With positive feedback from almost all of our customers, we were confident that full-scale operations could resume with our gay products store. As of January 2022, Gays+ once again stocks hundreds of gay products for affordable, every day prices.

Our new products are higher quality, with better photos and faster shipping times. Not only that, we've also built much improved internal systems to handle customer orders and enquiries. Every product listed on our store is quality-checked for your assurance, with robust systems in place to ensure your order arrives to you exactly how and when you expect it to. 

With free international shipping on all orders, fast and effective customer service, as well as 1-3 days tracking code turnaround and so much more, Gays+ has proven itself to be the ultimate place for gay men to shop for all sorts of products. From dildos and vibrators to advertising and promotion, Gays+ is the most experienced and trusted brand in the gay adult community.

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  • The Gays+ brand empowers gay men around the world.

    Empoderando a los hombres homosexuales

    Ser gay es algo de lo que debes estar orgulloso. Orgullosamente empacamos y enviamos nuestra amplia gama de prendas y accesorios todos los días.

  • We give back to the community however we can.

    Devolviendo a la comunidad

    Donamos una parte de cada compra a causas LGBTQ+ en todo el mundo.

  • One decade of trust from our customers. Gays+ was founded in 2012.

    Una década de confianza de nuestros clientes

    Fundada en 2012, la marca Gays+ ha tocado a cientos de millones de personas, y cientos de miles de personas han pedido nuestros productos y servicios.

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Two men holdings hands on top of a gay pride flag

Gays+ existe para impulsar a la comunidad gay hacia adelante.

Desde nuestras líneas de ropa y accesorios hasta nuestro programa IBO, servicios de publicidad y líneas para adultos, Gays+ tiene un conocimiento y una experiencia inigualables como líder en la comunidad gay.

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A lo largo de los años, hemos servido a decenas de miles de clientes con productos y servicios LGBTQ+. Este año, expandiremos la marca Gays+ para incluir cientos de productos nuevos y emocionantes. Aprende más.

Gays+ es la forma más grande y mejor del mundo de comprar productos relacionados con homosexuales entregados directamente en su puerta, con nuestros 10 principales mercados en Estados Unidos, Canadá, Australia, Reino Unido, México, Corea del Sur, España, Francia, Noruega y Alemania.

  • Gay apparel, products and accessories

    Ropa, productos y accesorios gay

    Brindamos a los hombres la mayor y mejor variedad de ropa, zapatos, joyas, accesorios y más.

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  • Gay website and social media advertising and promotion services

    Gays+ Servicios de Publicidad

    Nuestra división de publicidad puede mostrar su producto, contenido o servicio a un millón de hombres homosexuales en todo el mundo.

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  • Start a gay business with Gays+

    Empresarios Independientes (IBO)

    Vende productos de calidad que la gente usa todos los días. Establezca su propio ritmo para obtener ingresos adicionales.

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  • We have the world's best range of gay sex toys and accessories.

    Productos y accesorios para adultos homosexuales

    Gays+ vende más de cien productos para adultos y juguetes sexuales brillantes solo para hombres homosexuales.

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